NEW outdoor pickleball park

The Pickleball Park

Exciting plans are well underway for a new twenty court outdoor pickleball park in Quarry Park, SE Calgary. This project is a collaborative effort between the City of Calgary, the Parks Foundation, Calgary, and the Calgary Pickleball Club.

The new park will allow Calgary to host significant events and run many of our CPC programs.

And we need your help!

The estimated cost is close to $3 million, and the opening is forecast for late summer 2025. We are hoping to cover $1 million through Alberta Government grants, and $1.5 million through donors and corporations. Our first deadline is June 15, 2024, to raise the first $1 million to be eligible to apply for the Community Facility Enhancement Program  (read more here CFEP). The CFEP is awarded once a year. Other Pickleballs communities have received funding of up to one million dollars.

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This inclusive outdoor park wil be one of the major sports landmarks in our city.

  • Much Needed facility for all Calgarians

  • Provides both public access and sport development

  • Donations are tax deductible

For more information please read the Park Proposal PDF:


You can donate from this secure link. For donations over 10,000 please contact Sue Stevenson Brown, Campaign Chair.

  • Share proposal with employers

  • Seek out friendly supporters

  • Ask family and friends to consider this opportunity

    Please Contact Sue Stevenson Brown, Campaign Chair


A Sport For All

Pickleball is a sport uniquely tailored for all ages, fostering inclusivity and enjoyment across generations. Its versatility lies in a
combination of factors such as a smaller court size, slower-paced gameplay, and lightweight paddles, making it accessible for individuals of varying fitness levels and physical abilities. The game’s simplicity allows beginners to quickly grasp the basics, while its strategic depth ensures continued engagement for seasoned players.
Pickleball promotes social interaction, providing a platform where grandparents, parents, and children can al participate together,
creating a shared sporting experience that transcends age
barriers. The sport’s emphasis on fun, camaraderie, and adaptability makes it an ideal choice for a diverse range of players, reinforcing its reputation as a truly intergenerational activity.

The Need

The City of Calgary currently has no designated public pickleball facilities. The city has placed pickleball lines on 47/66 public tennis court locations as an interim measure. Most adapted locations have two lined pickleball courts and one court set up over a tennis net. The current situation requires players to bring their own regulation nets (cost of $250+) in order to play. The pickleball courts using
tennis nets is a stop-gap approach and does not support the youth strategy of the city recreation department. This strategy reduces tennis player usage at the expense of pickleball players. There should be development opportunities for both sports.

Why Donate?

This inclusive outdoor park will be one of the major sports landmarks in our city to serve our community
as a recreational play space, a development arena for amateur athletes and a host venue for