CPC New President – Cat Hackman

CPC New President – Cat Hackman


Greetings fellow players,

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying some great and fun games on the courts! I am excited to announce that I have stepped into the role of President of CPC. It’s an honor to serve this community and continue the work done by my predecessors.

For those who may not know me yet, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Cat Hackman, and I started playing at Westhillhurst in 2019. I was utterly disappointed when COVID hit and play for the most part stopped. Those days seem like a lifetime ago, and yet I still feel new to the community of Pickleballers, many of whom have supported this sport for a long time. I truly love this sport for so many reasons, but at the top of the list is the camaraderie and sense of community it fosters. I am working hard to get everyone around me playing (family and friends are possibly tired of my rants) but the benefits are so plentiful, I can’t help myself.


Our Club

As your new president, my primary goal is to ensure that our club remains a welcoming and inclusive space for players of all skill levels and backgrounds. I’m committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, supported, and inspired to improve their game while having FUN!

Support our mandate

As with many volunteer organizations, one of our big challenges is engaging volunteers to help us support the CPC club and members. Many areas of our club’s ongoing activities are always in need of volunteers, so if you would like to support our mandate of supporting and developing this great sport, do reach out.

Your input and feedback are invaluable to me, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any ideas, suggestions, or concerns you may have.

Thank you to the Board for entrusting me with this role, and I look forward to embarking on this journey with each and everyone of you.

Calgary Pickleball Club Mission:

To promote and develop the sport of pickleball in Calgary for everyone.

Outdoor Park 

I am incredibly excited about the New Outdoor Pickleball Park Project spearheaded by past president, Sue Stevenson Brown. It’s an enormous task to say the least! Sue is allocating many hours daily on this project and I am urging all Pickleball Players in Calgary to support this project, via a donation (read more here) or by making connections to find “major” donors.

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Social Media updates, Website updates, Graphic Design (Canva)

2. Volunteer coordinator

3. Outdoor hosts

If interested, please send email to Cat

Stay tuned for the upcoming summer schedule coming out shortly.

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