Alberta Pickleball Day – 2023

Alberta Pickleball Day – 2023

Where to play pickleball in Calgary

Calgary Pickleball Club again hosted events for Alberta Pickleball Day on June 3rd, 2023. Events were held at North Glenmore Park and Brentwood and were huge success! At North Glenmore Park we had 53 volunteers and over 118 guests between the ages of 2 and 80+ learning and experiencing pickleball for the first time. We also appreciate the participation of officers from 2 District, Calgary Police Service, crew of Engine 20 Calgary Fire Department, CTV and Calgary Herald.

Thanks to all of our leads and volunteers who helped bring this fantastic Alberta Pickleball Day to our community! Also, a huge thank you goes out to Helen and Rob Puls who led the event at North Glenmore Park and to Farnoush Saiad Shirabad who led the event at Brentwood!

Footage can be found at the very end of the following newscast:


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